Monday, July 30, 2012


Sometimes field trips got long so we had to spice things up a little.

With David on an overlook.

Beka and I at the Baha'i Gardens

Being rebels at Ben Zakkai's grave.

Lane, Susan, and Rachel in Caparnaum

Nimrod's Castle


Dancing after a trip into Tiberias

....sultry... word of the day.

hiding amongst the fig leaves with Beka in Ceasarea Philippi

with Meg in Gamla

Standing in the Jordan River. We also got to raft down the river earlier in the week

touching a fish. 

having fun during the last sunset of the trip to Galilee.

It was such a fun week in Galilee.


  1. 1. you're wearing a new watch.
    2. your hair is long.
    3. did you eat the fish? brave heart.
    4. your friend in the last photo has the same shirt as me. the girl. not the guy.

  2. Galilee was hands down my favorite part. Looks like you are having so much fun! I wish I looked as stylish and cute as you do ;) live it up!